Team Coordination & Tracking

The Child Advocacy Center seeks to combine the experience and expertise of the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) to address the needs of children. This team includes the Department of Children’s Services, Law Enforcement, Prosecution, Child Advocacy Center, Youth Services, Medical, and Mental Health. Professionals in this multi-disciplinary team work together in reviewing cases and making recommendations on how to best proceed with the case and what services will best serve the clients. The process of sharing physical space, time and information allows the entire team to maintain focus on the child.  All information gathered is protected by confidentiality laws.

These co-located agencies work together when a report of abuse is received. There is no duplication of effort. Evidence is thereby collected more efficiently, and repetitive victim interviews are eliminated. Investigations proceed swiftly. The child victims promptly receive care and treatment. Prosecutions of offenders are more successful. All information gathered is protected by confidentiality laws.

All Team Members are required to maintain the strictest confidentiality. The CAC will not release any case-specific information except when mandated to do so by a court order.

The Child Advocacy Center works with the CPIT and tracks each case to ensure proper services are provided and that prosecution is pursued.

Contact Numbers
  • Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department: 931-433-9821
  • Fayetteville City Police Department: 931-438-7771
  • Moore County Sheriff’s Department: 931-759-7323
  • Lewisburg Police Department: 931-359-4004
  • Marshall County Sheriff’s Department: 931-359-6122
  • Bedford County Sheriff’s Department: 931-684-3232
  • Shelbyville Police Department: 931-684-5811